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Granny Flats For Less (GFFL) have originated from our Elegant Homes NSW, a sister company, focusing mainly on primary residential buildings. We had seen an ever increasing demand on granny flats hence made a wise decision to separate services from our primary residential building side. GFFL from then, have built a reputation by focusing on four basic principles of quality, design, simplicity, and family. Since building a house starts with a solid foundation, we use this analogy to build strong relationship with our clients. At GFFL, home owners come first, and providing homes that provide “feel good” moments delivers us with tremendous joy hence motivates us to provide more of these moments. Being update to date with latest building methods and technologies is why we have established cultivated enduring relationships with our building regulators, suppliers and contractors. With the shared knowledge and constant liaising, has enabled us to greatly improve our building and approval processes, resulted in smoother transition from a home buyer to home owner. We aim to use sustainable building methods that not only provide a solid long term residency but also sustainable as well. With an on-going training and induction of our employees and subcontractors, we can ensure you that any disruption is greatly minimised. Why not contact our friendly team to learn more. We’re sure to let you know about our history, building and approval processes!



At Granny Flats For Less, we understand that each Granny Flat is to be there for the long haul with minimal maintenance headache.

Our unprecedented value is shown through our commitment to our clients by educating them on  all the process before, during and post construction stages.


Our dedication to being an industry leader is practised daily with an aim to provide our clients long lasting highest quality granny flats. We deliver outstanding quality by:

  • Continuous development of our purchasing power hence allows us to increase the use of quality building products, and

  • Making vital use of our internal quality assurance programs along with external third party inspection.


The entire GFFL team is committed to deliver by obliging with the relevant Australian Standards. We practice daily with great level of integrity for our:

  • Clients,
  • Environment,
  • Community,
  • Trade partners,
  • Shareholders, and
  • Other relevant Stakeholders.


Customer Satisfaction

GFFL is never satisfied when the client is not satisfied. We go the extra mile to help you achieve your investment dreams. Our experienced building team has proven our highest mark in sustaining strong financial stability, customer satisfaction and professional ethics.

GFFL foundation is built upon two important pillars:

  • Quality craftsmanship, and
  • Value.

Our GFFL Advantage

Our years of outstanding track record has shown our commitment to:

  • Exceptional customer service,
  • Flexible on design changes,
  • Include more quality features than our competitors, and
  • Provide luxury inclusions at affordable pricing.

Australian Standards

All GFFL Granny Flats are made under the relevant Australian Standards which includes:

  • Building Codes of Australia (BCA), and
  • Schedule 1 of the AHSEPP.